When we look at the history of the German charts it becomes clear that citizens enjoy listening to songs that have come from America. One may ask why this is the case. After all, the songs talk about a culture that is far removed from that of Germany. It seems difficult to comprehend what resonates so much with the German people.

One of the answers is escapism. US popular culture has spread throughout the world, particularly in movies and television shows. Germans have been given all the cultural information they need about the US from this media. This makes them able to easily understand the concepts talked about in American songs.

The most popular American songs in Germany speak a universal language. They talk about concepts that are without boundaries. This can be a love themed song that speaks about core emotions that are felt by most human beings. They could also include politically charged lyrics that discuss worldwide concepts such as unemployment and feeling disenfranchised.

In recent years American songs with a more political edge have become popular in the German charts. This is likely due to a rising number of social and economic issues within the countries. German people use them as a form of expression for the frustration they feel in their day to day lives. This interestingly, is no longer escapism. Instead it is a cathartic release of emotion.

The US music producers are aware that these two types of music serve separate purposes and so have exported both to the European markets. American songs are not the only tracks to be found in the German charts. There are plenty of other non English language songs that are listened to on a regular basis. Sometimes these even outperform the US ones. Regardless, American songs are likely to continue being popular in Germany.