Germany has a long love of classical music. In fact, one can see the history of the entire country by listening to this genre. Perhaps the most well known and highly regarded composers were Richard Wagner and Johann Sebastian Bach. They have revered the world over but even more so in their native country.

Richard Wagner is admired for his intricate and long Ring Cycle. The epic set of dramas tell a story of Gods and heroes, heavily inspired by German mythology. Because of these ties to ancient history they have resonated with future generations of Germans. Each new generation have interpreted the work of Wagner to fit their own German identity.

However, it is not just classical music that Germans are listening to. The country has developed their own unique genre that combines traditional music with more popular and modern forms. This is known in the German language as Schlager. This type of music is often heard during the times of Oktoberfest.

Schlager songs do not have a particular political message. They are usually upbeat and jolly in their tone which is a perfect fit for partying with other people. However, one issue with this type of music is that it does not usually resonate with younger people. It is much more popular with older generations of Germans.

Younger people in German much prefer to listen to pop music. These are usually in the English language. The songs that are listened to most each week will constantly change. In recent years the country has embraced hip hop. This is because of the lyrics concerning lower income living and inequality that speaks to a mass amount of German citizens. Germans also enjoy singers who perform in their native language. However, these artists usually do not gain recognition outside of the county.