When it comes to understanding how the music charts in Germany work it is useful to see the country as part of Europe. Each European country tends to have the same songs in their charts. Of course there are some variations. There are some songs that will be popular in a native country and may even go to number one.

This does not necessarily mean that they will succeed abroad however. Some countries may also continue to enjoy a particular song for an extended period of time. This means that it can remain in their charts years after the initial release. If we look at the charts of Germany and compare it to other countries in Europe it becomes clear that they all share a common taste.

The music that tends to be highest in the charts is most often American exports. This is for a number of reasons. US record labels invest heavily in their marketing. This guarantees that their songs spread throughout the world and are heard by a mass audience. It must also be remembered that US songs are in English. This language is well known throughout the globe and allows the lyrics to be understood by as large an audience as possible.

Despite this fact the German charts are still full of songs that are in the native language of the country. A large portion of the German population are familiar with the French language also. For this reason it is common to see French language songs hit the German music charts.

In a typical month the German music charts will be a mixture of German language pop songs and American ones that are also popular in neighbouring countries. When it comes to the time of year when Euro-vision starts then each country including Germany will have different songs in their top 5. This is usually the native countries participant song.