Germany has over the years released a large number of popular songs that have hit the charts in foreign markets. The most popular music genre to come out of German is by far electronic. It was in the 1980’s that the trend of loving German electro music first took off. This is when the genre had hit its peak.

Best Songs To Come Out Of Germany

  • Major Tom – Peter Schilling

During the time when the Berlin Wall was still up East Germany was restricted in the type music that could be listened to. David Bowie’s “A Space Oddity” was the hit of 1969. Yet half of Germany was not allowed to listen to it. In response, Schilling made his version of the song. It follows the same narrative of Bowie’s song but the music itself is much more conventional in structure. It was later released in English for an international release.

  • 99 Luftballons – Nena

This is perhaps the most well known German music export in the entire world. The pop hit quickly cemented Nena as one of Germany’s greatest ever pop bands. It was first released in German and then given an English translation. Despite the fun tone of the music the lyrics tell of a war being raged. The song has now become a part of popular culture. It was featured in a scene in the superhero movie Watchmen.

  • Fremd in Eigenen Land – Advanced Chemistry

This 90’s protest rap song was written in a reaction to the racist events surrounding the country at the time. It may be light on the rap sound but it is certainly heavy on the amount of frustration and raw emotion felt by the singer. The title translates as “Stranger In My Own Country” and concerns the sense of alienation felt by German minorities.