Rammstein is a German heavy metal band that has become one of the more popular ones of their genre in the entire world. Despite this the band has proven extremely controversial, especially in their native country. They are most well known for their live shows in which they use a heavy amount of pyrotechnics. An example of this kind of show can be seen in the action film XXX, where the band is seen performing live during a chase scene.

Rammstein is also known for their love of shocking their audience with both controversial lyrical content and imagery in both their live performances and music videos. Their most famous music video is for their single “Sonne”. In this video an actress portrays an abusive version of Snow White who forces her dwarves (played by the band) to mine for gold. Perhaps their most well publicised song is Mein Teil which depicts cannibalism.

The band was first formed in 1991 and the original lineup has remained the same since. Till Lindemann is their lead vocalist and is one of the most publicly confident member of the group. He recently went solo but still continues to tour with the band.

These tours continue to attract a large number of spectators. They have also increased in spectacle with more and more fireworks and flame special effects being employed. The quirkiest member of the band is their keyboardist, Flake Lorenz who is often placed in the most weird situations in their music videos. During the live shows he has been known to ride the crowd on an inflatable boat.

The band is also respected for their approach to each of their members. If one them wants to focus on their own side project then they are welcome to do so. This is the reason Rammstein has stayed together for so many years.