Prince Album to Hit German Charts

Prince was one of the biggest pop rock stars of the 20th century, lauded for his creativity and style. He is perhaps best known for his hugely successful rock ballad Purple Rain. It came as a shock to fans worldwide when the reclusive megastar died suddenly in April of 2016.

Despite having passed away the singer has left an abundance of material that is to be released posthumously. Fans in Germany will be happy to know that his latest album titled Piano and a Microphone 1983 will be released in late September of this year.

The album was recorded by Prince in just one take. It is a collection of some of his most famous hits including the aforementioned Purple Rain. Other songs on the highly anticipated album include Cold Coffee & Cocaine and Why the Butterflies.

Rumors that Prince was secretly hoarding a large collection of albums have been circling for years. Even before his death there was said to be a vault on his property where he had amassed a large number of recordings that were not to be released until he was no longer alive.

This was more or less confirmed by the cult film maker Kevin Smith who worked with Prince on a failed documentary project. Smith was told that Prince was constantly recording himself and keeping the tapes secure for later release. Now these claims have proven to be absolutely true.

Fans of Prince can be sure that this will not the last album to feature Prince’s name and voice. With the amount of music backlogged by the singer we can be sure to see an extremely large amount of posthumous work come out in the years (and perhaps even decades) to come. This latest album will be hitting shelves on September 21st in Germany.

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