No Plans for European Tangerine Dream Legend Soundtrack

In 1985 German synth rock band Tangerine Dream created an ethereal soundtrack for the fantasy film, Legend. The film starred Tom Cruise in an early role as a young man who has to save his beloved from a monster played by Tim Curry. It was directed by movie legend Ridley Scott and has been called a fairy tale version of Blade Runner.

When the film was finally released on DVD many fans of the German soundtrack were disappointed to realise that it had been replaced by an orchestral score by US composer Jerry Goldsmith. Some took to social media to vent their frustration at having a favorite movie changed in such a significant manner.

There are some who prefer the American soundtrack to the German one and vice versa. However, since 2002 the only version available on DVD had been the Goldsmith score. Luckily a few years after this a DVD was released that had two disks. One had the full length version of Legend with the Goldsmith score. The other was a shorter one with the original Tangerine Dream score. This gave fans the option to watch whichever one they chose.

After several more years a blu ray was released that again had these two versions, this time with remastered images. However, these are only view-able in the US. There are currently no plans whatsoever for a release in Europe of the version of Legend with the German soundtrack on blu ray. This will come as a disappointment to those who have been waiting patiently for news of this finally happening.

However, some fans have taken it upon themselves to find a solution. It is possible to listen to the German soundtrack version with a US copy of the movie if you play it on a region free player.

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