New Offspring Album Announced

One of the most recognisable songs of the nineties was the American skate rock hit “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” by The Offspring. Now the band has recently confirmed that they will be releasing a new album in 2018. It has not been stated exactly when Germans can see it hit the shelves in their native country.

Usually when an album is set to drop there will be a confirmed release date beforehand. The fact that there is none for this new Offspring work may cause some concern for German fans. However, in mid-April their lead guitarist, Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman confirmed that there is at least ten songs completed. He went on to say that they are currently applying the finishing touches before the album release.

In fact as far as we can speculate, the album may already be completed fully by now. The delay in release may likely be the result of an upcoming marketing campaign. After all, the sounds of the album may be finished but the album art work and similar elements may not yet be ready.

Whatever the case is, it seems almost certain that the album will be coming to German stores and online stores by the end of the year. The last album released by the group was in 2012, so they are no strangers to taking an extended period of time before dropping new work.

The delay could also be further exacerbated by their current tour. The band will be playing at a number of venues throughout America in the coming months. They already played in Germany in June for the popular Hurricane Festival. Unfortunately there are currently no other tour dates in this country for 2018. Next year may prove more promising as they will have a new album to promote.

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