More Germans Buying Vinyl

Vinyl records are a relatively old medium for playing music. After all there have been plenty of upgraded hardware since its inception. Cassettes allowed people to play music in a more portable fashion. CDs made the music quality become greatly increased. MP3 software revolutionised the industry and allowed music to be played and stored without the need for hard copy.

So it seems strange that more and more Germans are starting to buy record players and LPs. In the past couple of years the sale of records has reached a 25 year high. One may ask why this is the case. There are several reasons for this new trend. One answer lies in the demographics of the consumer.

The vast majority of new record buyers are young people. They are attracted to the older format because it allows them to physically hold their music collection. It has been said by young and old music aficionados alike that vinyl sounds warmer than digital music. MP3 involves compression of the sound and this can diminish its overall quality. When one listens to a song on vinyl and then the same song as a digital file it becomes clear that the older medium is capable of picking more subtle instrumentation.

Others buy vinyl because they see it as an investment. As the trend becomes more popular original records are likely to rise in value. Vinyl is by far the most valuable of all music formats. Some people are collecting new releases now in anticipation that they will be able to sell them for much more money in the near future.

Finally, people are taking up this new trend for the sheer nostalgia of it. A record player is a tie to a distant past. As the world hurtles into a digital future more people are holding onto the machines of the past.

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