Kraftwerk have been around for decades and have cemented themselves as one of the greatest bands to come out of Germany. They are known for their intricate instrumentation as well as their autonomous movements when performing live.

They were first formed in 1969 and have released to date 10 studio albums. Over the years a large number of band members have come and left. Keyboardist and vocalist Ralph Hutter has however remained a consistent presence throughout the history of the band.

They are considered by many to be one of the most important pioneers in all of electronic music. Their style has helped to create a sound that has influenced countless future musicians. It is arguable that without the band the genre of synth pop would not have become as popular as it is today.

They have also proved innovative in terms of the creation of musical instruments. Rather than simply dealing with the limitations of pre-made instruments they have created their own custom ones. This has allowed them to experiment and create sounds that would not have been heard of otherwise.

Kwaftwerk are also notorious for their reclusive nature. They often refuse to conduct interviews and keep out of the public eye. Even when it comes to business matters they have been known to stay isolated and somewhat minimalistic.

Despite being around for nearly half a century the band still continue to perform regularly. This is great news for fans who want to see them work their musical magic in the flesh. Currently the band is planning to play a number of venues throughout their native country of Germany. This includes Stuttgart and Berlin. Since they are one of the biggest electro bands in the world it is likely that tickets will sell out in no time at all.