Iron Maiden To Play In Germany

Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are set to play in Germany in 2018. This will be a leg as part of their Legacy of the Beast Tour. The tour has already taken them to Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Now the band are ready to rock out in Munich, Hanover and Berlin.

Fans of Killswitch Engage will be pleased to know that they will be supporting Iron Maiden during their performance in both Hanover and Berlin. This is set to be a winning combination of heavy metal that will have head bangers jumping for joy.

Since this tour has already been going on for some time we can get a sense of just what the set list might be. The band are well known for surprising patrons by playing songs they would not have expected. Regardless of this it is useful to look at the set list from previous Legacy of the Beast performances to get a glimpse of what might be played. This includes songs such as:

  • Aces High
  • Where Eagles Dare

These two songs involve fighter pilots during World War 2. Lead singer Bruce Dickinson has always had an affinity for history. So it is no wonder he manages to capture so perfectly what it is like to be in the cockpit during a dogfight.

  • The Clansman

This song is heavily inspired by the Mel Gibson blockbuster, Braveheart. The lyrics are from the perspective of a highlander trying to defend his homeland.

Iron Maiden are also well known for their fun theatrical performances. During these they often have a giant puppet of their mascot, Eddie dance around on stage. During each song a revolving background changes to create an individual atmosphere. It is not just the band playing their hit songs. It is an immersive theatrical experience that is constantly innovating itself. German rock fans are sure to be excited by the news of this band touring the country.

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