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Pilot intro (Original)
(Ambassador Londo Mollari)
1.96 MB
MP3 I was there at the dawn of the third age of mankind. It began in the Earth year 2257 with the founding of the last of the Babylon Stations located deep in neutral space. It was a port of call for refugees, smugglers, businessmen, diplomats and travellers from a hundred worlds. It could be a dangerous place, but we accepted the risk, because Babylon 5 was our last best hope for peace. Under the leadership of its final commander Babylon 5 was a dream given form. A dream of a galaxy without war, when species from different worlds could live side by side in mutual respect. A dream, that was endangered as never before by the arrival of one man on a mission of destruction. Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon Stations. This is its story.
Pilot intro (Special Edition)
(Ambassador Londo Mollari)
1.25 MB
MP3 Text as above.
Pilot credits (Original)
647 KB
MP3 Instrumental.
Pilot credits (Special Edition)
601 KB
MP3 Instrumental.
Londo complains to Garibaldi
110 KB
MP3 You’re the Security Chief. Shouldn’t you be out securing something?
The Minbari assassin
88 KB
MP3 There’s a hole in your mind!
Londo speaks about Earth humour
151 KB
MP3 Beep, beep? It must be Earth humour. Who can figure a species like that? Beep, beep...
Ltd. Commander Takashima sends an invitation to all ships
819 KB
MP3 Open all communications channels! This is Lieutenant Commander Laurel Takashima, our docking bays stand ready to receive you. Babylon 5 is open for business!