• Scorpions

This legendary and well regarded rock band has been performing for over fifty years. Over this long time span their style has changed quite dramatically. They were originally billed as a psychedelic group but have since changed gears into a much heavier rock sound. This has proven to be a great success as the band are well known throughout the world. Despite still going strong they will be most well remembered for the albums that they released during the 1970’s and 1980’s. “Wind of Change” in particular stands out as their greatest hit of all time. “Send Me An Angel” is an another fantastic example of how Scorpions have contributed to the genre of rock.

  • Tangerine Dream

Though they are sometimes labelled as an electro band Tangerine Dream have created a hybrid genre that mixes synth sounds with rock music. Their use of both the guitar and keyboard together as a unifying sound has made them of the greatest bands of all time. They have been around for nearly half a century and have been constantly experimenting within the rock genre. They are mostly known for their contributions to the soundtracks of Hollywood films and video games. These include Risky Business, Legend, Near Dark. Their most recent works have included the score to the popular game GTA V and the theme tune for the TV show Stranger Things.

  • Accept

The 1980’s were the time when heavy metal was at it’s peak. Accept were certainly pioneers in this genre. Their thrash metal song Fast As a Shark can be seen as one of the earliest examples of this heavy sound. They have often been described as a combination of Scorpions and Judas Priest. However, it is fair to say that they have developed their own unique sound. They are still active today and are frequently seen performing at live rock festivals.