The Top Rock Albums


Trent Reznor has helped to revolutionise and popularise industrial rock music. He returns with his band for their ninth studio album. This along with his highly anticipated American tour have been the main source of water cooler talk for all rock fans. The album itself has already garnered great reviews from fans. It is considered a return to the band’s roots of hard angry rock.


This compilation of the best hits from the “good guys of rock” is nearly a decade old yet is still in the rock charts in Germany. This is for good reason. The songs on the album have become classics in their own right. “Learn To Fly” in particularly is a beautiful melodic masterpiece that fills the listener with nostalgia for the nineties. It has other soft ballads as well such as “Everlong” which has become a fan favorite during their live shows.

But it isn’t all soft. There are plenty of hits from their heavier period. “Best Of Your” is an angry anthem about frustration and being taken advantage of. The opening song is “All My Life”, which became massive on its initial release.


This classic grunge album is considered one of the best. It has transcended the genre and become a piece of popular culture, constantly being rediscovered by newer generations. So it is no wonder that it remains in the German rock charts even though it’s initial release date was in 1991. Lead singer Kurt Cobain passed away in 1994 yet his masterpiece Nevermind continues to be listened to by young people throughout the world. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” stands out as the highlight of the album. However it is the lesser loved song “In Bloom” where you can hear the band really hit their stride.