Baden-Baden Casino

If you want to go to a casino where you can both try your luck at the card tables and also enjoy a live rock band performance then you need look no further than the Barden-Barden Casino. It is the perfect combination of ornate classical architecture and modern rock shows.

Every year there are different fantastic rock bands that casino punters are able to watch while on a break from the games table. It truly is one of the best ways to enjoy a show. Blame Coco wowed audiences in 2011. The band Imagine Dragons were a performance highlight in 2013 and are likely to return.

It is the perfect way to recharge your batteries after a long session playing blackjack or poker. Getting your mind off the game and enjoying some fantastic rock music is a great way to prepare a player for another round at the casino.

There are plenty of casinos within Germany that have rock performances either on-site or close by. The thing that makes the Baden-Baden Casino outshine all the rest is the fact it has such a luxurious atmosphere. It was named the “most beautiful casino in the world” by Hollywood film star Marlene Dietrich.

The German born starlet was a frequent visitor to the casino and for good reason. The exotic environment has a superior style and charm to all the other casinos in the country. It also has the most diverse history. This is because it is the oldest casino in the entire country.

By visiting the Baden-Baden you get a rich cultural experience where you can enjoy both the old and the new. You get to listen to some of the best rock bands in the entire world. In between doing this you also get to walk in the steps of some of the most famous people in German history.

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