Ariana Grande’s New Album To Hit German Charts

Despite the fact the Ariana Grande has only been on the scene for a few short years, she has already proven herself to be one of the best female pop singers of this generation. The twenty five year old star is praised for her style, and is recognised all over the world for her creative mix of club anthems and soft synth tunes.

Grande’s latest release, “Sweetener,” is set for a summer release this year and is likely to drop at the end of July, which should excite fans in Germany. Ariana told interviewers that this sugary title is a metaphor for making the best out of a bad situation, which is likely to be the theme of the entire album.

This project is said to be laced with great names of featured artists who gladly joined the rising star in recording and producing her new, honey glazed, work of art. It has been confirmed that Pharrell Williams will make his appearance on at least one of the fifteen tracks. Williams adds a special flavour to the work of other artists when featuring and producing on their album. His appearance on the album of French techno duo, Daft Punk, helped to catapult the careers to great heights.

There are not many details on the track listings just yet. However, we do know the names of four of the tunes on “Sweetener,” There’s an intro called “Raindrops,” and three other soon to be hits, “God Is a Woman,” “The Light is Coming,” and “R.E.M.”

Grande has also confirmed that a music video will be released on YouTube very soon, which will be a great way for German fans to get a taste of the album before purchasing it in full. This could prove to be the young stars’ greatest record to date.

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