The German music scene is a complicated beast. Luckily we are here to help simplify it as best as we can. We have several sections in order to tackle the topic. We discuss the songs that are in the German charts and explain what it takes to be a success in this market.

We look at some of the very best bands to come out of Germany. This includes heavy metal bands such as Rammstein, who are well known for their fire filled lived shows. This also includes Kwaftwerk, who are perhaps the most influential band to ever come out of the country.

We dedicate a large portion of our site to the recent news relating to music within Germany. This includes all the best live tours that are set to hit the country. This also includes some of the new albums and singles that people can look forward to in the coming months.

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It is hoped that this website will give the reader all the information they need to know about the German music scene. This includes what the people of the country love to listen to as well as upcoming developments.